Bus Transportation

  • Super-Minimum Days May 4 and May 5 - these early dismissal days will change the time when your student will arrive to the bus stop in the afternoon.  There are no changes to the morning stops and times.  These route changes apply only to May 4 and May 5 for the afternoon run on the super minimum day schedules.  Please refer to the route schedules below to download a copy for home.


    Parents/Guardians who would like to have their student ride the bus must sign up for bus transportation with the school office.  The individual routes are scheduled according to enrolled rider addresses.  The bus drivers are not authorized to stop at locations that are not on the official routes.  Please call the school office if you have questions regarding bus transportation, (209) 532-3159.


    Please refer to the individual routes below for current regular day morning and afternoon schedules.  The schedules we have posted are subject to change periodically due to changes in enrollment which may add or reduce the number of stops on each route.


    Bus rules and regulations are covered in the Parent/Student handbook that each family receives upon enrollment.  Please be sure to review these with your student.  Delays can occur if student behavior is not within guidelines.


    When To Arrive
    All students should arrive at their designated bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Bus arrival times after the first pick up location are estimates and subject to change based on current weather and traffic conditions or in-transit student behavior issues which can cause unpredicted delays.


    Minimum Days
    Minimum Days have the same morning schedule with earlier dismissal times.  Morning schedules are not affected on minimum days.  The afternoon schedule drop off times will be one hour earlier based on the regular dismissal time. Please refer to the School Calendar for scheduled minimum days.


    Delayed Start
    On the occasion when the District determines it is necessary to delay school start time due to inclement weather, the morning bus schedule will be delayed by the same amount of time. If the school start time is delayed by two hours, then the morning bus schedule pick up time is delayed by two hours. If the school start time is delayed by one hour, then the morning bus schedule pick up time is delayed by one hour. Start of school delays do not affect afternoon dismissal times for regular or minimum day schedules.


    Adverse Weather Transportation Day
    Parents/guardians will be notified by text/email/telephone messages when an Adverse Weather Transportation Day is in effect.  Adverse Weather Transportation can alter your student's morning and afternoon bus stops depending on the location of your residence, in an effort to maximize student safety during transportation during inclement weather. 


    If an Adverse Weather Transportation Day is declared by the superintendent, the buses will not provide service to stops along Lyons Bald Mountain Road. Parents/guardians are responsible for bringing students to a lower level bus stop, or driving them to/from school. 


    Parents are encouraged to monitor the school's main web page, KKBN 93.5 radio station or https://www.mymotherlode.com for current information on start of school delays and/or school closures.

Bus Route Schedules and Forms