Math and English Language Arts Proficiency, 2008  
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Annual Yearly Progress

California’s Definition of AYP

Under California’s criteria for NCLB, schools and LEAs are required to meet or exceed requirements within each of the following four areas in order to make AYP annually:

Requirement 1: Participation Rate

Requirement 2: Percent Proficient—Annual Measurable Objectives (AMOs)

Requirement 3: API as an Additional Indicator

Requirement 4: Graduation Rate (Not applicable for elementary districts)

If a school or an LEA misses one or more requirement, it does not make AYP and may be identified for PI. The "AYP Criteria" section describes the specifics for each of the four requirements.

In 2008, Sonora School District met all of the required criteria for AYP.  This page shows progress made in Math and English Language Arts in meeting minimum proficiencey requirements.