• Technology Program

    Sonora Elementary incorporates technology across the campus and in the classrooms to enhance our students educational experience and provide critical tools to the students and staff.  Our campus is equipped with fiber optics and cabling connecting every classroom to our Cisco and wireless networks. 

    Our standard classroom configuration includes a Viewsonic Viewboard which is a large commercial grade LED touchscreen.  The Viewboard has a built-in Windows 10 computer and a built-in Android interface.  The Viewboards can be connected to a variety of accessories.  Document Cameras, DVD players, AppleTV or Chromecast devices are common accessories used by our teaching staff. Teachers use the Viewboards to enhance student learning in a variety of ways:  playing media associated with core curriculum, engaging students in interactive lessons, demonstrating math and english language principles, sharing student projects and, on rainy days, providing a little entertainment during an indoor lunchtime.

    In addition to the standard classroom configuration, students at Sonora Elementary have access to individual technology devices in each classroom. Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms use the ipads in small groups.  First and second grade classrooms are equipped with an iPad for each student. Mystery Science, Savvas Realize Math, Accelerated Reader, and Studies Weekly are some of the curriculum materials that are accessed using the iPads during classtime.  The district centrally manages the iPads, installing applications per teacher and grade level specifications.

    Third grade through eigth grade classrooms are equipped with a Chromebook for each student.  With parental permission, each student is provided a Google Workspace for Education account for use while enrolled at Sonora Elementary.  Through the Google account, tools such as Google Classroom, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides are provided to each student for completion of assignments such as book reports, paragraph writing, research, and presentations.  The 3rd-8th grade students access curriculum related materials such as Mystery Science, Pearson Realize or Big Ideas Mathematics, Studies Weekly, Write to Learn, Accelerated Reader, and TeachTCI for social studies. The annual state SBAC tests are completed by the students using the Chromebooks.


    Sonora Elementary School District actively participates in federal and state program offerings to receive discounts for pricing on technology and services such as E-Rate and Cal-Safe.  We partner with the Tuolumne County Superintendent of Schools Technology Services department to ensure our staff and students have access to a safe and productive technology environment.