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    Currently several sidewalks between the school office, Building A and Building C are removed as part of the construction for our new building.  Areas that are temporarily disrupted have been taped off with caution tape and there are several areas with exposed holes.  

    Please do not enter the construction area and be extra cautious and safety minded whenever you visit the campus.

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    The school office is now closed for the summer.  Regular office hours will resume on Monday August 12, 2019 .  We hope you enjoy the summer!

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    Sonora Elementary announces construction of a new two-story building starting June 10!  The building will house eight brand new primary classrooms!  Boyer Construction will kick off the project with removal of the P2 and P3 portables, grading of the building site, and making necessary utility connections.  Construction will continue throughout the remainder of the year.  Please use caution when visiting campus, stay away from construction areas and be safety minded.  We can hardly wait to see the new building take shape!

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    The 2019-20 Sonora Elementary School Calendar is available!  Looking for a copy?  Click here!

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    The Sonora School Board is seeking “Parent “ and “Community” representatives to serve a four-year term on the Citizens Oversight Committee. The purpose of the Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) is to inform the public concerning the expenditures of bond revenues. The committee normally meets on a quarterly basis. An interested citizen would need to be a parent who has a child enrolled at Sonora Elementary or a person living within the Sonora Elementary school district boundaries. Please contact Leigh Shampain @ 532-5491 for further information.

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Parking Lot Safety

  • Please use caution in the parking lot during drop off and pick up times.  Our parking lot attendants may ask you to pull closer to the vehicle in front of you in the pick up lanes in order to alleviate traffic congestion at the parking lot entrance and intersection behind you.  Your cooperation is always greatly appreciated and helps to make drop off and pick up times flow much smoother!

    Observe the traffic before entering the parking lot.  If the entry to the parking lot is full, please stay in the turn lane on Greenley Road until it is clear to proceed into the parking lot.  We must keep the intersection clear for emergency vehicles.

    • Use the center pick up lane for exiting traffic.  Use the left and right lanes to drop off students.  
    • Do not allow students to enter or exit vehicles if you are in the center lane.
    • Crossing Guards will direct traffic at crosswalks to maximize pedestrian safety.  Please observe the traffic directions of the crossing guards.
    • No parking is allowed in the pick up lanes during drop off and pick up times.  For Regular Day Schedules: 7:30-8:20 a.m., 1:40-2:05 p.m., and 2:30-3:00 p.m.   For Minimum Day Schedules:  7:30-8:20 a.m., 12:40-1:20 p.m., and 1:30-2:00 p.m.
    • All cars in the pick up lanes must have the driver present during drop off and pick up times.
    • If you must leave your vehicle, please exit the pick up lanes and park your vehicle in a designated parking space. 
    • Please keep the Bus lane clear and do not crowd or block the bus lane as this will cause delays in student transportation.

    You may park in the pick up lanes during other times of the school day as long as you move your vehicle before drop off and pick up times begin.

    Need to know about bus transportation?  You can find information and the latest bus schedules by clicking here.  If you have other questions, please give us a call at (209) 532-3159.

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